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Industrial cream separator

Молочный сепаратор сливкоотделитель

Seital SPX FLOW high efficiency cream separators for milk processing.

Seital equipment has been installed and successfully operated at more than 1000 dairy companies all over the world and has successfully proven itself among producers in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and other post-Soviet countries.

Technical characteristics

Cleaning performance:
2 500 - 65 000 l/h

Advantages of SPX FLOW Seital cream separators 

    • Skimming efficiency: 0,03-0,05% by Gerber method.
    • Gentle feeding and milk processing without damaging the protein structure and foaming.
    • Minimization and losses control during separator’ unloading with help of a unique DEP system. The unloading process in all kinds of SPX FLOW Seital bactofuges is accomplished by water feeding control to the drum opening system with help of DEP system. An electro-pneumatic measuring device controls the exact values of the water flow into the opening drum during the unloading process. This ensures a stable volume of discharged sludge.
    • PLC and HMI control panel by Siemens.
    • Remote control and monitoring via INTCOM system.
    • Additional mode of milk and cream manual normalization at the outlet of the flow, equipped with flow-meters in the outlet pipes of skimmed milk and cream in order to get more accurate indicators at the outlet.
    • Siemens electric motors with IE3 high efficiency degree.
    • Additional protection systems increasing the service life – presence of oil in water sensor, vibration sensor.
    • Set of tools and accessories for primary maintenance, as well as hydraulic device for package of plates compression.
    • Separator installation on the platform for a foundation-free installation, which does not require additional preparation of the foundation for installation and reduces time for installation and commissioning.