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High-fat cream separator

Промышленный сепаратор ВЖС

We offer technological high-fat cream separators manufactured by Spx/Seital.

When producing butter by high-fat cream conversion it is very important not to change physico-chemical properties of the feedstock before further processing in butter-making machine. For this reason, special attention in design of high-fat cream separators is given to the delicate handling of the feedstock and its correct movement within the separator during concentration process.

Equipment characteristics

High concentration of cream:
up to 84%
Model range:
from 2000 to 22500 l/h
Additional protection system of the separator’s main components:
Vibration sensor, water in oil detection sensor, INTCOM remote control system.
Electric motors
manufactured by Siemens, IE3 efficiency degree.
PLC and HMI control panel:
manufactured by Siemens.

Key benefits

  • Quality

    • Gentle feeding and processing of cream without foaming;
    • Separator installation on the platform for a foundation-free installation, which does not require additional preparation of the foundation for installation and reduces time for installation and commissioning.
  • Reliability

    • Minimization and losses control during separator’ unloading with help of a unique DEP system;
    • Each high-fat cream separator is equipped with a set of special keys, a set of spare parts for primary maintenance and a hydraulic device for a package of plates compression.