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Industrial milk separator


SPX FLOW Seital (Italy) technological milk purifiers for cold and warm milk purification.

In most cases, when milk enters the plant, it must be purified of foreign particles and somatic cells, for example, such as leukocytes. Thus, the presence of Listeria bacteria which is being carried by leukocytes is excluded from milk. Milk purifiers can process both warm and cooled milk. When heated, the cleaning efficiency increases. Purifying can also be carried out with help of centrifugal separators, but with less efficiency compare to purifiers.

Technical characteristics

Purification capacity:
2,500 - 65,000 l/h, 660 - 17,172 g/h
Motor power:
4 kW
Temperature range:
4 - 55 *С

Advantages of SPX FLOW Seital milk purifiers

    • High degree of purification (at least an increase of "mechanical" purification of raw materials by one class);
    • Reduced number of somatic cells after separation;
    • platform pre-assembly for the P2 foundation-free installation. No concrete foundation, additional electrical or hydraulic installation needed, which significantly reduces the time of commissioning;
    • Remote control and monitoring via INT COM system;
    • Additional protection systems, increased service life.
    • Minimization and losses control during separator’ unloading with help of a unique DEP system;
    • Equipped with energy-efficient Siemens IE3 - IE4 class motors;
    • Equipped with special control and measuring devices -  presence of water in oil sensor, vibration sensor;
    • automatic control panels - PLC and HMI (Siemens);
    • additional set of tools and accessories for primary maintenance, as well as a hydraulic device for a package of plates compression.