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FBF Italia S.r.l (Italy)

The FBF ITALIA plant for the production of homogenizers was founded in 1987 and is located in the city of Parma. It specializes in the design and production of one type equipment only - homogenizers and volumetric pumps.

The FBF ITALIA's focus on homogenizers made it possible to concentrate all its efforts on improving one product only, and, as a result, to provide the customer with a unique product in terms of its technical and technological characteristics.

The leadership and industry expertise testifies  evidence of brand's wide presence around the world. FBF Italia serves more than 125 countries, represented by a worldwide network of 23 authorized sales and service centers. More than 4,500 machines have been installed on all five continents. Constant innovation, strict quality control and stress tests are just a few principles of the FBF Italia philosophy that guarantee high quality and reliability of products.

Clever Machines — official dealer of FBF ITALIA Rus

About our cooperation

Clever Machines is a key partner in Russia, the mega-investor who annually invests significant resources in improving the quality of its services. The industry needs such companies and their support. There are only a few companies like that on the market - Clever Machines is one of them.

The homogenizer is a key unit in line, a kind of technological monster of dairy production. It is a powerful and highly efficient equipment with a complex internal structure. We need well trained engineers and technicians who are able to help customers quickly and efficiently when they are in need of it. Clever Machines experts are technically and morally prepared to solve any professional tasks.

Our partners in Russia are growing year by year and we are proud of this cooperation.

Massimo Moreci, Managing Director of FBF Italia