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Bactorfuge separator for milk

Сепаратор бактофуга для переработки молока

Reliable and efficient SPX/SEITAL bactofuge separators for milk separation.

The use of these separators is particularly relevant for companies producing cheeses with a long maturation period. High degree of purification of the milk to be used in cheese production allows to achieve a minimal reject rate of the final product at the end of maturation. SPX/SEITAL bactofuges can also be used in the production of whole milk and fermented dairy products, ensuring higher quality and longer shelf life.


A wide range of models for milk separation:
from 2500 to 45000 l/h
Total number of bacteria:
85% - 95%
Aerobic spores:
Anaerobic spores:
Electric motor
Siemens with a high degree of IE3 efficiency
Additional protection systems that prevent wear and breakage
Sensor for water presence in oil, vibration sensor, INTCOM remote control system.

Advantages of the separator-baktofugi SPX/SEITAL

    • Baktofugate recirculation system to improve the quality of milk purification and elimination of so-called «protein losses»;
    • minimization and losses control during separator’ unloading with help of a unique DEP system;
    • Separator installation on the platform for a foundation-free installation, which does not require additional preparation of the foundation for installation and reduces time for installation and commissioning.
    • Gentle feeding and milk processing without damaging the protein structure and foaming;
    • PLC and HMI control panel by Siemens;
    • Each separator is equipped with a set of special keys, set of spare parts for primary maintenance and a hydraulic device for a package of plates compression.