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About Clever Machines LLC

Clever Mashines

End-to-end Solutions

Clever Machines is an engineering company that specializes in the equipment supply and process automation for the dairy industry.

Having started in 2009, we have already implemented more than 500 projects, including end-to-end dairy plants design and equipment implementation on a “turn-key” basis.

Clever Machines’ Service Center

Supports over 300 machines each year under warranty and post-warranty service. Focusing primarily on the speed of incident resolution, we respond immediately to all incoming requests. Our technical support is available 24/7.

Our service department is a team of multidisciplinary professionals with work experience at the largest dairy plants in Russia and Belarus. All engineers are regularly trained at the manufacturers' premises and are able to set up the equipment in a short time directly at the plant.

Implemented projects portfolio

Includes reliable equipment from proven European manufacturers. The privileged partner status of manufacturers confirms our company's expertise in sales and service of equipment:

  • official distributor and service center of SPX FLOW SEITAL since 2012;
  • official dealer and service center of FBF Italia since 2012;
  • exclusive distributor of TECNOLAT since 2016;
  • official distributor and service center of SPX FLOW APV since 2019.

We specialize in the food industry enterprises design and supply of processing lines for:

  • drinking milk (pasteurized and ultra-pasteurized);
  • cheese;
  • fermented milk products;
  • sour cream, cottage cheese;
  • butter;
  • products using membrane filtration technologies;

Assembly localization in Russia

Due to new economic conditions, the direction of equipment partial assembly localization in Russia becomes a priority for Clever Machines. Mainly we are talking about heat exchange equipment and automated control systems.

The equipment is assembled on the basis of developments and under the service center control. For the prompt execution of orders, a warehouse of necessary components has been created, which are being purchased from European partners in advance.

The proposed equipment complies with the certificates of European quality standards and the requirements of the Customs Union.

Thanks to these steps, we have reduced the delivery time and the volume of imports and offer domestic manufacturers equipment of European quality at optimal prices.

«When we were creating Clever Machines, there was a high competition in the market among dairy equipment suppliers, but at the same time there was an acute shortage of companies willing  to provide qualified service and prompt operation of equipment. We initially decided that we would not just sell equipment, but open our own service center with a staff of qualified engineers, with a well-established system of spare parts supply and logistics. Today I am confident to say that we are proud of our technical service and are constantly expanding its capabilities.».
Development Director: Anatoly Alexandrovich Babkov