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Automation and modernization of equipment and lines

Automation and modernization of equipment and lines

The Clever Machines Service Center helps customers to increase the efficiency of dairy production with minimal costs due to automation and modernization of the existing equipment fleet. This approach reduces the total cost of ownership of production.

What kind of customer problems do we solve?

To increase the profitability of production, it is necessary:

  • to increase the output of products,
  • expand the range of products, 
  • to reduce losses of raw materials and detergents,
  • to optimize the payroll.

More often than not, this cannot be achieved with existing equipment alone, because it does not have the ability to be integrated into a flexible production line. And a complete retooling of production can be too expensive at the current stage. 

On the other hand, it is possible to achieve a significant increase in economic indicators due to the modernization of equipment of the previous generation: for example, organization of automatic feeding / unloading of the product or flow control.

We offer a budget, but effective option: modernization and automation of production with preservation of existing equipment.

What do we do?

We equip your equipment or line with control and measuring devices, controlled actuators, as well as install process control software.

Example of automation

Clever Machines' proprietary flow control system (FCS) is a simple and hygienic way of controlling media flows on process lines with a minimum level of automation. It determines the correct process flow path and eliminates product and other media losses, such as accidental mixing of clean and "dirty" milk.

Flow control system is designed to:

  1. control of media supply in accordance with the technological process,
  2. organization of CIP-washing with alternate switching of washed lines.

What do you get?

  1. Control of production through visualization elements, history tracking or integration with digital plant systems.
  2. Expansion of the product range through flexible and fast reconfiguration of production cycle parameters.
  3. Saving human resources by automating routine operations.
  4. Increased productivity due to parallel operations and reduced machine downtime.
  5. Energy saving due to precise dosage and rational use of energy resources.

How do we work?

  1. You formulate the task: describe the current state of production and the indicators that you want to achieve through automation.
  2. We conduct an audit of your production lines and equipment: we examine the possibilities and depth of modernization/automation.
  3. Formulate technical solution for the modernization/automation of your equipment or line, with feasibility study.
  4. We coordinate with you the proposed solution.
  5. We implement and carry out commissioning works (commissioning). 
  6. Along with the commissioning we train your specialists to work on the updated equipment or line.

We carry out automation and modernization of equipment of our own assembly, as well as production lines without restrictions, and equipment of other brands - by agreement with the manufacturer.