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Separators for whey purification

Сепаратор для сыворотки

We offer modern, efficient SPX/SEITAL whey separators for whey separation in production.

When processing whey, it is very important to ensure maximum purification and degreasing of the product before feeding it to the membrane equipment. Separators manufactured by SPX/SEITAL for separation, are the ideal solution for whey preparation and subsequent processing.

Equipment characteristics

Whey skimming:
0.03-0.05% according to the Gerber method
Model range for milk separation:
from 2500 to 65000 l/h
gentle feeding and processing of whey without damaging the protein structure and foaming
minimization and losses control during separator’ unloading with help of a unique DEP system
Additional protection systems:
water in oil detection sensor, vibration sensor, remote monitoring of INTCOM equipment.


    • High degree of casein dust whey purification;
    • Separator installation on the platform for a foundation-free installation, which does not require additional preparation of the foundation for installation and reduces time for installation and commissioning.
    • PLC and HMI control panel by Siemens;
    • Each separator is equipped with a set of special keys, set of spare parts for primary maintenance and a hydraulic device for a package of plates compression.

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