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Инженер проектировщик

Complete solution

Dairy plant design

Complex of solutions for your business

Штат инженеров и проектировщиков Руководство компании

Our portfolio includes 150 ready-made projects for the design and construction of dairy plants. We supply more than 400 items of equipment for milk processing.

  • In-line milk and cream standardizers
  • Pasteurizers
  • Homogenizers
  • Separators and bactofuges
  • Cleaners
  • Membranes
  • Hygienic valves
  • UHT Settings
  • CIP sinks
  • Cheese making equipment
  • Milk powder recovery stations
  • Raw milk receiving stations
  • Food pumps and mixers
  • Heat exchangers
  • 2.5 months of documentation

    Preparation of documentation of any complexity in 2.5 months

  • Tools

    24/7 service throughout Russia and the CIS

  • Logistics

    Debugged logistics system. More than 300 imported goods

  • Parts in stock

    95% of consumables for SPXFLOW and FBF are always in stock in Moscow

Stages of documentation preparation

It will allow you to see the structure of your future production. Preparation time: 2 - 2.5 months.


Assortment matrix


Technological diagrams / PID


Equipment layout plans


Automation and electrical diagrams
    1. Product mass balance based on a matrix
    2. Technological block diagram of equipment, indicating the main pieces of equipment and flow directions
    3. Hardware specification
    1. P&ID diagram - detailed diagram of the technological solution / PID
    2. Schedule (cyclogram) of production, scenario 1 day
    3. Service media consumption table
    4. Full project specification
    5. Equipment layout plan based on agreed building layouts, product matrix and delivery boundaries (preliminary)
    1. Plans with equipment loads in the areas of the production process.
    2. Plans with drainage discharge points, reflecting productivity and discharge volume.
    3. Equipment layout plans with connection points for service or engineering media (steam, water, compressed air, condensate, ice water, electricity), pipeline routes.
    4. Recommendations for the placement of equipment in hygienic and climatic zones, for air exchange.
    5. Technical and functional description
    1. Automation system structure
    2. Description of the automation system
    3. Specification of electrical materials
    4. Cable tray plan
    5. Specification of electrical materials

Connect at any stage

Let's develop project and working documentation, taking into account the current situation. We will achieve our goals with the help of detailed analytics.

Пример части проекта
  • We take into account the existing equipment

  • Expertise in optimization and cost reduction

  • Complete set with additional equipment

  • Reaching planned capacity

  • Further development and support

We will design a plant for your needs

  • Great experience

    Our portfolio includes 150 ready-made projects for the design and construction of dairy plants.

  • European equipment

    Energy-saving and efficient equipment of European assembly

  • Preparation time

    We will prepare design and executive documentation in 2.5 months

  • Gift project

    All documentation as a gift - when concluding an agreement for the supply of equipment

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The company's design department was established back in 2013. That’s when the first project was completed - a technological fermentation unit with a capacity of up to 200,000 liters of fermented dairy products per day. As well as the design of a dairy plant in South Kazakhstan.

We are constantly improving our competencies, adopting European experience and improving the component base. In cooperation with European partners, we complete tasks on production equipping as well as modernization. Designing is based on highly efficient equipment, components and technologies.