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Equipment for milk normalization in flow

Highly efficient SPX FLOW SEITAL automatic milk and cream normalizers in flow

Technical characteristics

SE-St300-STA - 15.000 l/h
Inputs from the separator
skimmed up to 0.05% fat, cream
Cream normalization range
10-45% (option for low-fat cream)
Milk normalization range
0.5-6.0% (option for high-fat milk)
Accuracy of cream normalization
0.2% if temperature and flow are stable (measured in the final storage tank)
Accuracy of milk normalization
0.03% if temperature and flow are stable
Built-in CIP

Advantages of the SPX FLOW SEITAL automatic normalizers

  1. Measuring cream density with a high degree of accuracy. Equipped with special sensors for measuring the density and temperature of the cream and skimmed milk outlet flow, allowing to achieve a high degree of normalization:
    1. Cream normalization accuracy: 0.2%.
    2. Milk normalization accuracy: 0.03%.
  2. Wide range of normalization of milk and cream.
  3. One control for normalizer and separator.
  4. Compact size, normalizer and separator installed on one frame.
  5. Easy setup, storage and modification of normalization recipes in the separator’s PLC. Intuitive control interface.
  6. Remote monitoring and control via the INT COM system.
  7. Optimization of product highways. It does not require additional capacitive equipment, which significantly reduces operational costs.
  8. Economical consumption of detergents.

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