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In dairy food processing industries and many others it is rather important that technological process runs uninterrupted. With preventive maintenance, we keep your equipment and lines constantly running.

Clever Machines is an authorized service center that specializes in comprehensive service of SPX FLOW, FBF ITALIA, Tecnolat S.p.A. and other manufacturers’ equipment for food productions, such as dairy, brewing and cheese-making.

  • 24/7/365
    we rapidly restore equipment’s operation
  • 270 production facilities
    are being maintained all around Russia and CIS
  • > 85% of spare parts
    always available in stock
  • > 500
    is the amount of equipment being serviced annually
  • 1 year
    Is guarantee we provide for all kinds of works

We restore the operability of the equipment immediately

The priority of Clever Machines' service center is smooth functioning of your production, therefore we:

  • Strictly follow the maintenance plan for each piece of equipment in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations;
  • We keep a stock of original spare parts and consumables at our warehouse in Moscow;
  • We make sure that our customers always have spare parts and consumables available;
  • In case of a client's emergency, we fix the breakage immediately and only then do the expertise and evaluation. For more information, see the "Repair" section.

Spare parts and consumables are always available 

More than 85% of equipment spare parts are always in stock at Clever Machines' Moscow warehouse. Thanks to many years of partnerships we are able to replenish stock in advance with original parts and optimize logistics chains for faster delivery even in turbulent market conditions. 

The head of service center has the authority to purchase parts from manufacturers without negotiating a budget. This reduces the ordering and delivery process by several days.

What does the equipment maintenance program give you?

  1. Your equipment always operates in normal mode;
  2. Units and high-value components last as long as possible;
  3. You reduce equipment repair costs by preventing accidents. 
  4. Your processes run continuously;
  5. Your company produces delicious and healthy products in accordance with the technology.

Why entrust maintenance to us?

Maintenance of equipment for the food industry requires special training: knowledge of its structure and operating principles. Specialists of the service center regularly undergo corporate training at "Clever Machines"  as well as training at the enterprises of the partners - equipment manufacturers. For example, in 2022 our engineers were trained at the production in Italy. 

This serious level of skills allow us:

  1. quickly diagnose malfunctions;
  2. promptly and correctly replace assemblies and consumables;
  3. notice worn units and parts in time and in advance in order to eliminate the probable cause of the future breakdown. 
  4. quickly pick up the necessary part from the stock of Clever Machines;
  5. order a part or assembly immediately from the manufacturer, if necessary.

Our customers save time and money: they do not need to employ an experienced service engineer and take care of his retraining. Also the availability of original spare parts and consumables in our warehouse minimizes maintenance time and ensures trouble-free operation of your equipment.

What kind of equipment do we service?

Our service engineers service equipment for the dairy, brewing, cheese making and other food processing industries, including:

  • separators
  • homogenizers
  • dryers
  • cheese lines
  • pasteurizers
  • receivers
  • CIP
  • Fermenters
  • product storage and routing facilities

Warranty and post-warranty service

You can sign a maintenance contract with us for your equipment, regardless of which supplier you purchased it from. We work under warranty and post-warranty service.

  1. If you purchase equipment from Clever Machines, our service center provides service within the warranty provided by the manufacturer of the equipment. The same rule applies to units assembled by us. In this case the service is carried out according to the rules of warranty service.
  2. If you have purchased the equipment from another supplier or the warranty period has already expired, you can conclude a post-warranty maintenance contract with us.

How does the maintenance program work?

  1. You purchase food processing equipment or decide to have your existing units serviced.
  2. You conclude a contract with us for equipment maintenance. 
  3. Each unit of equipment gets service book - where the plan of works on maintenance and replacement of components depending on the operating hours is being reflected. Also there is a list of consumables and lubricants in the service book, that you always need to have in stock for prompt replacement. To make it easy for you to replenish the stock, we specify the articles.  
  4. Depending on the intensity of operation of your equipment, we agree on the frequency of maintenance.
  5. The service engineer of "Clever Machines" comes to your production as planned. He carries out maintenance according to the manufacturer's requirements, which can include replacement of seals, bearings, lubricants and any other consumables. If necessary, the engineer can give recommendations for replacement of worn components.