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Staff training

More than 80% of equipment failures and breakdowns happen due to errors in operation or maintenance. To maximize service life of the production line and ensure process continuity, the Clever Machines service center provides training to customer specialists:

  • properly operate equipment and production lines;
  • carry out maintenance routine with competence;
  • comply with rules of labor protection and environmental safety when working with equipment for dairy, brewing, cheese-making and other industries.

Clever Machines service center specialists help customers to ensure high availability of equipment at minimum cost, and thus saving millions of rubles.

Why do you need to train your specialists?

Improper operation and maintenance often results in  units failure and entire plants as well.As a result, you end up spending money on spare parts and repairs, also losing profits due to downtime on the production line. Thus a trained technician will operate your equipment properly and can promptly fix the problem on his own or get instructions from our engineer if necessary.

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Why trust staff training to us?

Knowledge and experience. We have been repairing and servicing food processing lines and equipment since 2009. Our specialists are regularly trained at manufacturers' factories and know details of operation and maintenance of various devices. We gladly will pass this knowledge on to your specialists.

24х7х365 we are available for consultations. If you have any questions about the operation of the devices, please contact our service engineers.

Saves time and visibility. We can provide training or briefing in parallel to commissioning or repair work. Your technicians immediately get hands-on experience with proper start-up and operation of the equipment.


You can get more information on the training of your staff by phone or email:

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