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Repair of equipment and lines

Repair of equipment and lines

Since 2009 the authorized service center of "Clever Machines" restores performance of equipment for dairy, brewery, cheese-making shops produced by SPX FLOW, FBF ITALIA, Tecnolat S.p.A. and other companies. We have organized our work in  a way to quickly eliminate the malfunction and return the equipment or a section of the line at your production.

Why entrust the repair to us?

Since 2009 our engineers specialize in repair and maintenance of food processing equipment. Every year they undergo training at the factories of our partners - leading food equipment manufacturers. 

Up to 85% of spare parts are available in Moscow in stock. The remaining parts and assemblies can be promptly ordered from the manufacturer, if necessary.

We work 24x7x365. We process the request within 1-2 hours. Troubleshooting of the unit takes from 2 hours. Our priority is the continuous technological processes at your production. 

1-year warranty covers all works provided by our service center.

The components and manufacturer's techniques that we use for repairs help to ensure the efficient operation of your equipment and a long service life.

When are repairs needed?

Repair is necessary if the equipment:

  • stopped working,
  • it works, but displays an error message,
  • it works, but the process characteristics have changed - for example, the capacity has decreased or the consistency of the product has become unstable.

Before stating the need for repair, the service engineer will try to fix the problem remotely, if possible. Perhaps the machine is in the wrong mode or the raw material supply is misadjusted. This can be quickly corrected by the customer himself, as instructed by our engineer.

Ремонт привода сепаратора

If the repair is really necessary, the initial data for it gives the defective inspection.

How long does it take to repair?

Repair can take anywhere from 2 hours to 2 days, depending on:

  • the nature of the fault,
  • availability of spare parts.

Our Moscow warehouse always has up to 85% of spare parts and consumables for food production equipment in stock. If you need a "rare" part that is not in stock, we order it from the manufacturer immediately. The head of service center has the authority to make such orders before negotiating the budget with the accounting department, and this reduces the waiting time by 1-2 days.

How do we work?

  1. You inform our manager about the malfunction and describe the "symptoms". Please be ready to name the type and model of the equipment, as well as operating time.
  2. First, we will try to solve the problem remotely. Many failures can be eliminated by pressing a few keys on the command panel, by switching the operating mode or restarting the machine. Such algorithms are prescribed in our knowledge base.
  3. If the malfunction persists, our specialist will come to your production for defective inspection and repair.
  4. Specialist disassembles the equipment, conducts defective inspection, replaces faulty parts, assembles the unit back. 
  5. To be sure the unit is fully restored to operation, it is being tested.
  6. The repaired equipment is back to regular operation, and your customers get a delicious and healthy product.

What do we repair?

We can repair large variety of equipment manufacturers, regardless of whether your  warranty period has expired or whether we have signed a maintenance contract with you.   

Our service engineers will repair equipment for dairy, brewing, cheese making and other food processing industries, including:

  • separators
  • homogenizers
  • dryers
  • electrodialysis
  • cheese lines
  • pasteurizers
  • receivers
  • CIP
  • Fermenters
  • product storage and routing facilities.

An additional advantage for buyers of Clever Machines assembly equipment is granted

We keep a stock of all components and consumables for the equipment of our own assembly in advance. In case of repair, the service technician immediately gets anything he needs right there in stock and quickly restores the operation of your device/line.

You can get more information regarding your equipment/line repair by phone or email :