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Defective inspection

Defective inspection

When equipment and production lines fail, we find the cause of the breakdown for its further elimination. Our service center carries out defective inspection of food equipment and lines of any manufacturers purchased from both Clever Machines and other suppliers.

A well-conducted detection of flaws helps to quickly restore the operability of the equipment or line and continue the production of high-quality products.

What is defective inspection?

Defective inspection consists of finding the cause of  malfunction and evaluating the technical condition of  assemblies, parts and interfaces. Sometimes it is necessary to partially disassemble the unit and remove some components.

Service engineer subjects parts and interfaces to visual/organoleptic, instrumental or non-destructive inspection. His task is to find cracks, chips, defects, signs of wear and sort the parts by expiration date groups.

Parts and standard components that are not suitable for use must be replaced. If you plan to repair equipment at  Clever Machines service center, then, to save your time, at this stage we reserve the necessary parts in stock or order directly from the manufacturer. Up to 85% of the parts are always available in our Moscow warehouse in stock.

The results of defective inspection are recorded in the defective data sheet.

What do you need defective inspection for?

Defective inspection is necessary in order to:

  • find out the cause of malfunction or equipment failure, 
  • accurately assess technical condition of parts, assemblies and couplings.

Based on the results of the defective inspection, our service engineers select new units and parts to be replaced and perform repair of your unit.

Why trust us to do the defective inspection?

Know-How. Clever Machines has been servicing dairy and other food processing equipment since 2009. Service engineers are regularly trained at our partners' production facilities and are thoroughly familiar with the subtleties of design and peculiarities of units' operation.

Quick diagnose. All breakdowns encountered by our engineers as well as found technical solutions are being entered into our knowledge base. Referring to such knowledge base reduces the time for troubleshooting and selection of troubleshooting methods by 2-3 times.

We cooperate with manufacturers. Complex and especially important nodes are diagnosed at manufacturing plants. This guarantees a quick and accurate determination of the breakdown cause.