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Plate heat exchangers for the dairy industry

Plate heat exchanger for milk

Clever Machines is an authorized dealer of SPX FLOW APV plate heat exchangers for milk and cream.

Technical characteristics

heating, cooling, pasteurization, recuperation
in the food industry
Area range of a single plate:
from 0,018 м² to 4,17 м²
Depth of corrugation:
from 1,4 мм to 4,05 мм
from 0,3 мм to 0,7 мм
Plate material:
AISI 316, Titanium
Seal material for food and pharmaceutical applications:
Frame and plate:
stainless or carbon steel
Operating temperatures:
rubber gaskets: -35 - +180°C, graphite gaskets: -20 - +250°C
Heat exchange area:
up to 3800 м²
0 - 25 bar
  • Types of heat exchanger plates
    Plate area from 0,018 м² to 4,17 м²
  • Plate heat exchanger flow diagrams
    Flow diagrams
  • Types:

    • Semi-welded.
    • Brazed.
    • With automatic disassembly and assembly control system.
    • With double plate.
  • Options:

    • Response flanges.
    • Protective and heat-insulating shrouds.
    • Highly polished plates.
    • Drain tray, support reinforcement to protect the foundation from collapse.

Advantages of the SPX FLOW APV milk heat exchangers

  1. Seals are attached to the plates without glue, using clips. They do not protrude from the plates, which reduces the risk of destruction and breakage.
  2. Compact dimensions.
  3. Reduced fouling, reduced cleaning and maintenance time.
  4. Resistance to heat stroke. 
  5. Ability to combine different gasket materials for efficient operation. 
  6. Food-grade gaskets. 
  7. Energy efficiency — high regeneration coefficient provides significant savings in water and steam. 
  8. Reduced flushing fluid consumption due to thoughtful channel design.

In case of additional questions, please contact - Clever Machines engineers, who will advise and select the heat exchanger according to Your  individual parameters.