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Plate milk cooler

Plate milk cooler

The SPX APV plate heat exchanger is used as a milk cooler. Compact equipment with high heat transfer coefficients, providing excellent hygienic standards.

Technical characteristics

Plate corrugation depth:
from 2.8 to 4.05 mm
from 0.5 - 0.6 mm
Plate material:
AISI 316
NBR FDA or EPDM FDA – approved by the US Food and Drug Administration
Frame, plate and connection material:
stainless steel
Operating temperatures:
-20 - +100 °C
up to 16 bar

Advantages of the SPX APV plate milk cooler

  • Compact equipment design.
  • Seals approved for use in the food and pharmaceutical industries.
  • Reduced fouling provides thermal efficiency and operating cost savings. Easy to clean.
  • Reduced consumption of the washing solution due to the design features of the channels and the treatment of heat exchange surfaces reduces the cost of washing and pumping equipment.
  • Seals are attached to the plates without glue, using clips. They do not protrude from the plates, which reduces the risk of destruction and breakage.
  • In the milk cooler heat exchangers, the frame plates and connections are made entirely of stainless steel. This ensures a long service life in compliance with hygienic standards.

Do you want to clarify the technical details of plate coolers for milk and cream? Our engineers will select the equipment according to your requirements. Contact us!