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D4 / DA4 Series - Double Seat Mix Proof Valves

The next generation of mix proof valve technology is the D4 series. Used for the reliable separation of dissimilar fluids and to improve product quality across the Food & Beverage, Dairy, Personal Care and Brewing process industries.

Brief characteristics

  • Housing: double seated
  • Purpose: Anti-mixing
  • Type: piston, with pneumatic drive
  • Sizes: DN40–DN150
  • Pressure: 10 bar

The lineup: D4, DA4 – ultra-hygienic model

Double-seat mixproof valve APV D4


Maintenance and operation savings

Reliable Performance

Valve structure

Сравнение седельных клапанов

  1. Radial seal design for reduced losses of product fluids during switching.
    Benefits: Product cost savings; cleaner operating environment.
  2. Integrated upper and lower shaft seal and balancer flushing.
    Benefits: Extensive cleaning of product contact surfaces.
  3. Metal orficies control CIP flow during seat lift.
    Benefits: Reduces chemical and water loss consumption.
  4. Open yoke design (the element connecting the pneumatic actuator and the valve body).
    Benefits: Reduces heat transfer from product zone into actuator; provides visual leak detection of damaged shaft seals; safety guard provided to reduce pinch points.
  5. Bolted flange connection for housing insert (consists of yoke, pneumatic actuator, seats and shafts).
    Benefits: Heavy-duty, secure connection; reliable and controlled assembly and disassembly of valve insert.
  6. Long ports to ease manifold building.
    Benefits: Helps to reduce spool pieces and welds to ease manifold building.
  7. Balanced upper and lower shafts.
    Benefits: No hydraulic blocking; resistant against pressure spikes; flexibility in either flow direction through the valve (top-to-bottom or bottom-to-top) without water hammering.
  8. Large separation cavity drain port.
    Benefits: Less product risk and prevention of pressure build-up that could cause cross-contamination.
  9. Flush cavity spray fixed connection.
    Benefits:  Enhanced cleaning; removal of residual media in separation cavity when full CIP is not readily available; hard-piped flush can be used without need to be removed during valve maintenance.

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