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Double sealed aseptic pump APV Wa+

This series have special aseptic connectors as they are designed for sterile flushing. Thanks to the smooth surfaces of the internal parts, it provides increased hygiene. Ideal for the production of products with a long shelf life and pharmacology.

Brief characteristics

  • Type: centrifugal hygienic
  • Materials: stainless steel AISI 316L
  • Maximum pressure: from 14 to 25 bar
  • Steam sterilization: at temperatures up to 150°C (at pressures up to 5 bar)

The lineup: 10/8, 22/20, 25/210, 30/80, 30/120, 35/35, 35/55, 50/8, 55/35, 55/60, 60/110, 65/350, 70/40, 80/80

APV Wa+ pump with double seal

Design features

Wa+ pumps ensure absolutely aseptic production processes with barrier media up to 150°C. With a Wa+ pump, the risk of contaminating the product and environment is thus reduced to an absolute minimum.

Ensures maximum sterile flushing due to:

Элементы насоса

  1. Pump housing.
  2. Threaded socket for drain valve (e.g. ACV DELTA AP1).
  3. Welded joint inside and outside.
  4. Valve body with enlarged seat mounted under the shell of the pump housing.
  5. O-ring.
  6. Shaft seal.


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