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FBF Italia 9090-9160 Homogenizer

FBF homogenizer with a capacity of up to 26,000 liters /hour, differing from competitors in quality and reliability. These are modern models with a high coefficient of continuous operation. Suitable for dairy plants of high production capacity.

Model characteristics:

  • Operating pressure from 100 to 600 bar
  • Capacity from 7500 to 26000 l/hour
  • Power from 90 to 160 kW
  • No vibration at high loads

The lineup: FBF 9090, FBF 9110, FBF 9132, FBF 9160

High pressure homogenizer fbf 9110

The equipment is suitable for

Main features

Quality and safety certificate

Homogenizers have a "3-A Sanitary Standards" certificate confirming the high sanitary standards requirements for dairy processing equipment.

The equipment is manufactured in accordance with Directive 2006/42/CE and complies with all necessary standards and quality standards adopted in the territory of the Russian Federation, the European Union and the USA.

Stable operation

  1. Diamond Like Coating pumping plungers.
  2. Compression head manufactured as a single block, of SAF (Duplex) 2205 forged steel.
  3. Semi-automatic belt tension system from motor to gearbox.
  4. Seat valves of interchangeable type, designed for use on both sides.
  5. Premium segment energy-efficient four-pole electric motors.
  6. The gearbox-crankshaft connection is a mono block structure, that reduces unbalancing and vibrations.
  7. Homogenization pressure is controlled by hydro pneumatic unit.
  8. Separate access to each node, which greatly simplifies servicing.

Technical parameters

Model Motor, kW Pump plungers, quantity Cooling water, l/h Dimensions, WxDxH, cm Approximate weight, kg
FBF 9090 90 3 150-180 190х260х180 5150-5500
FBF 9110 110
FBF 9132 132
FBF 9160 160

Параметры двигателя FBF 9132


Working pressure, bar 100 130 150 180 200 230 250 300
From l/h 26000 25000 21000 19000 17000 16000 13000
Up to l/h 40000 39000 33000 27000 25000 22000 20000 16000

Additional features

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