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Equipment after-sales service

In food production, it is very important that the technological process runs smoothly. With preventive and technical maintenance, we ensure the smooth operation of your equipment.

Authorized "Clever Machines" service center specializes in maintenance of SPX FLOW, FBF ITALIA, Tecnolat S.p.A. equipment and other manufacturers. Our customers save time and money - there is no need to keep service engineer on staff and take care of his training. Maintenance time is reduced due to original spare parts and consumables availability in stock.

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  • Promptly
    24/7 we restore the operation of the equipment
  • 1 year
    We issue warranty on all types of work
  • 270 production sites
    Serviced throughout Russia and CIS
  • > 500
    We service units of equipment annually

What equipment do we service?

Our specialization is milk processing plants, cheese production, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages. We service production lines and single equipment of food processing plants.

  • milking and rotary milking parlor
  • separators and homogenizers
  • cheese lines, pasteurizers
  • product routing
  • storage facilities
  • CIP
  • sourdough rooms
  • dryers and receptions

More than 85% of spare parts are always available in stock  in Moscow warehouse

Склад запчастей для оборудования
Spare parts and consumables always available

More than 85% of parts are always available in stock in Moscow warehouse. We replenish stocks with original parts in advance, and optimize logistics chains for fast delivery in conditions of market turbulence. 

The head of the service center has the authority to purchase spare parts from manufacturers without budget approval. This shortens the order and delivery process by several days.

What does the maintenance program do for you?

  • Equipment always operates in normal mode and therefore operation live lasts as long as possible
  • Manufacturing processes run continuously
  • Reduced repair costs by preventing accidents
  • The company produces delicious and healthy products according to the technology
Надежный сервис

We immediately restore the operability of the equipment

The priority of our service center is uninterrupted functioning of your production, therefore:

  • We strictly follow the maintenance plan for each piece of equipment in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations;
  • We make sure that spare parts and consumables are available at the production site;
  • In case of customer's emergency situations, we immediately repair the failure. And then deal with expertise and evaluation.

Why are we maintenance trusted?

The service department regularly receives corporate training as well as training from equipment manufacturers. For example, in 2022 our engineers were trained at the production facility in Italy. This  serious qualification level allows us to:

  1. diagnose faults quickly and correctly; 
  2. to notice worn units and parts in time, preventing probable causes of future breakdowns;
  3. promptly select necessary part from the stock or immediately order it from the manufacturer.