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SW4 Series - Single Seat Valves

Seat valve APC DELTA SW4 in sanitary version. Main advantages: multifunctional, reliable, easy to use and maintain.

Brief characteristics

  • Type: piston, pneumatically controlled regulating
  • Types: shutoff (blocking), flow switches, vessel outlet
  • Sizes: ISO 1" - 6" external. Pipe Ø, DIN DN25-150
  • Fittings: butt weld ends (S), ISO-Clamp/Tri-clamps (CL)

The lineup: SW4 H (handwheel), SWS4 (diverter valve), SWT4 (outlet from tank), SWhp4 (for high pressure), SW4 DPF (with steam barrier), SWR4 (regulating cone). Tangential inlet-outlet, long-stroke version for viscous products.

Single-seat valves SW4

Suitable for

Valve design

Схема седельного и переключающего клапана

The standard SW4 is equipped with the CU4 Direct Connect control unit. The LEDs show the position of the valve shaft.

  1. Сontrol unit
  2. Screw drive
  3. Actuator
  4. Yoke
  5. Housing
  6. Shaft
  7. Upper housing
  8. Housing
  9. Shaft


Конструкция уплотнителя

  1. Shaft seal - PTFE / Elastomer (resilient polymer).
  2. Seat seal - Elastomer, compression control.
  3. Valve fully open.
  4. Closed state.
  5. Metal contact.

Valve actuator


  • Stroke
    31 mm
  • Air supply pressure
    6 – 8 bar and other
  • Dimensions
    A (74 mm), B (110 mm) and C (165 mm) are suitable for DN25-100 / 1”-4” and are interchangeable (with acc. guide rod)
  • Orientation
    You can adjust the position from H3 to H0 or vice versa
  • Drive
    All-welded, maintenance-free. The warranty is 5 years.

With a big stroke

  • Stroke
    44 mm
  • Air supply pressure
    6 – 8 bar and other
  • Dimensions
    D, suitable for models from DN125-150 / 6”

With a long stroke

  • Stroke
    B (51 mm) DN50-65 / 2”-2.5”, C (75 mm) DN80-100 / 3”-4”
  • Air supply pressure
    6 – 8 bar and other
  • Dimensions
    B and C, suitable for models from DN50–100 / 2”-4”. Not interchangeable due to different stroke

Housings types

Запорные клапаныShut-off valves

Переключающие клапаныSwitching valves

Additional features

  • Stroke limiter (smoothly adjustable). The middle position is set at any point from 0 to 100% full stroke.
  • Shaft seal: vapor barrier for aseptic use.
  • Starting handle for manual operation.
  • Cylinder with oil damping.
  • Extended stroke.
  • Micro-gap regulator.
  • Option with tank outlet.
  • Additional certifications: 3.1B (EN10204), 2.2 , option 3A.
  • Polished actuator (outside).
  • Polishing from the inside up to 0.8 µm.
  • ATEX for the equipment category -/2GD IIB TX.

Advantages of the SW4

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