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APV RG4, RGE4 Regulating valves

Single-seat regulating valves control processes in pipelines of food production: temperature, flow, pressure, filling level. The interactions of individual sections, disconnections or switching of technological lines are regulated.

Brief specifications

  • Type: diaphragm with pneumatic actuator
  • Control Signal: P/P (3-15 ft/sq. inch isb. = 0.02-0.1 MPa) or I/P (4-20mA)
  • Dimensions: ISO 1” - 6” external. Ø pipes, DIN DN25-150
  • Housing types: L – T
  • Pressure range: 10 – 25 bar
  • Connections: sanitary flange (RG4), butt welding end (RGE4)

The lineup: RG4, RGE4. Aseptic version: RGEMS4, RGMS4

Control valves for production



Принцип работы регулирующего клапана
Operation scheme

The seat valves are equipped with membrane actuator and position sensor. They have two states — open and closed.

The valve stem movement operation is performed by a pneumatic actuator with air connection. The regulating valve function is to maintain the set process pressure or feed rate conditions.

The flow coefficient Kv is defined as the maximum water flow (m3/h) at ΔP = 1 bar

Chart of characteristics

Примеры характеристик на диаграмме


  • The flow rate varies depending on the position of the valve shaft.
  • Used to control the liquid level (flow rate) at constant pressure.
  • Change of equal volume with the same change in lift, regardless of position.

Equal percentage (Eq%) or logarithmic

  • The same % change in flow rate for the specified fixed shaft lift at any point of the curve.
  • Usually used for pressure monitoring (DR) at constant flow.

Flow control circuit

The flow rate is effectively controlled when the valve stem moves between 30% - 70%

Схема расхода жидкости

Fields of application

Области применения клапанов


Large amplitude of flow changes and small ΔP at the valve

Equal percentage

High ΔP and low amplitude of flow change at the valve



Регулирующий клапан APV RG4

  1. Actuator
  2. Positioner
  3. Yoke
  4. Coupling
  5. Progress indicator
  6. Shaft seal
  7. Housing
  8. Seat seal
  9. Valve seat
  10. Valve cone
  11. Connecting flanges


Клапан APV RGE4

  1. Actuator
  2. Positional device
  3. Yoke
  4. Coupling
  5. Shaft seal
  6. Housing
  7. Seat seal
  8. Valve cone

Additional options

Асептическое исполнение

  • Flow divider for noise reduction
  • Aseptic version with shaft vapor barrier (DPF)
  • Aseptic version with membrane (RGMS4 –RGEMS4)
  • Various types of positioning devices

Benefits and Features

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