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Butterfly valves (butterfly valves)

APV SV / SVS Butterfly Valves

Butterfly valves for process lines.  They have two states: open — allows flow, and closed — blocks the flow in the line. It is switched by 90° disc turning, manually or remotely using a pneumatic actuator.

Brief specifications

  • Type: rotary shutter with manual control, with pneumatic actuator
  • Types: shut-off (overlapping), regulating the flow
  • Disc and housing: 316L stainless steel with sanitary finish
  • Internal polishing: ≤32 Ra (≤0.8µ) and others
  • Connections: for welding, for thread, for clamp
  • Dimensions: ISO 1” - 6” external. Ø pipes, DIN DN25-250

The lineup: Delta SV1, Delta SVS1




Дисковый затвор APV SV1

  • Two-piece model with flanges.
  • Available sizes:
    • ISO: 1” - 4” pipe outer diameter;
    • DIN : DN25 – 150.
  • Connecting parts:
    • Butt welding end (S);
    • Coupling with thread DIN 11851(G);
    • Nut with thread DIN 11851(K);
    • IDF/ISS fitting according to the international dairy industry standard;
    • RJ (BS 4825-5 O-ring connector);
    • ISO-Clamp / Tri-Clamp (CL);
    • SMS 1145 (Swedish Dairy industry standard).


Дисковый затвор APV SVS1

  • Four-part model with flanges.
  • Available sizes:
    • ISO: 1” - 6” pipe outer diameter;
    • DIN: DN25 – 250.
  • Connecting parts
    • End face for butt welding with mating flanges.

Configuration options

Модельный ряд клапановAll variations consist of two parts with different compounds

  1. Code: 12S
    Welding joints.
  2. 1S2G
    Connections: for welding and threaded coupling.
  3. 1S2K
    Threaded coupling and threaded nut.
  4. 1K2G
    For welding and threaded nut.
  5. 12CL или 1+2 CL
    On both sides under the clamping bracket.
  6. 12G или 1+2G
    Milk clutch on both sides.

Application fields


Схема дискового затвора

  1. Input of the air supply line
  2. Pneumatic drive
  3. Yoke
  4. Coupling
  5. Feedback switch
  6. Half of the case
  7. Shutter (disc)
  8. The seal of the shutter

Area of contact with liquid product

Принцип работы затвора


  1. Shutter (disc)
  2. The seal of the shutter (brands)

Shaft guide

  1. Shutter (disc)
  2. The seal of the shutter
  3. Bearing

Three-component design

Присоединение к трубопроводу

  1. Mechanical seal
  2. Pipeline flange
  3. Valve liner
  4. Pipe with welded flanges

Seal options

All seal materials comply with 3-A and FDA — US Food and Drug Administration.

Уплотнители для затвора

  1. Sealer Supplier Code
  2. Part Code
  3. Year of manufacture
  4. Each point counts one year from the date of manufacture
  5. Size
  6. Marking of the material

Pneumatic-operated disc shutter

Схема пневмопривода

The pneumatic actuator opens the disc with help of compressed air and closes the disc with spring force.

  • Three sizes of pneumatic actuator for all models of valves.
  • The retractable stem is compatible with the standard top.
  • Pneumatic spring or a two-way pneumatic actuator.
  • Fully welded.
  • Does not require maintenance.
  • The warranty is 5 years.

Models with manual control

Sizes: DN25-DN100 or T10-T40

Sizes: DN25-DN250 или T10-T60

EP Positioning device

  • The 8692 type positioning device is supplied by a well—known company in the industry - Burkert Fluid Controls.
  • Used for pressure or flow control.
  • There are no hidden costs, as with electropneumatic converters.
  • The 4-20mA signal is connected directly to the installation without additional settings.
  • Easy setup due to the automatic calibration function.
  • LCD display for on-site valve installation and control.

Затвор с позиционированием

Key advantages of APV SV / SVS

  • Shaft bearings on top and bottom increase operational reliability and extend seal life.
  • Profiled seals allow the valve to open despite vacuum.
  • ATEX certification for hazardous media.
  • Metal stop prevents overtightening of the flanges and mechanical overstressing of the seal.
  • Easy identification of seals with APV/ part numbers.
  • Visual indication of open and closed position.
  • Unification and reliability - pneumatic actuator with constant torque value for sizes DN25-100/1''- 4''

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