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Beer clarification separator

Efficient separation and clarification of beverages for the brewing industry.

The sealed SPX FLOW Seital separators gently remove residual yeast and other insoluble particles. Without impairing the aroma and flavor of the beer.

Technical characteristics

Application fields:
hot wort, wort after settling, young beer, before filtration, beer clarification, fine cleaning;
15-750 hectoliters/hour.


input output
Hot wort  < 1.5% (vol.) < 0.05% (vol.)
Wort after settling < 15% (vol.) < 0.2% (vol.)
Young beer < 20 million yeast cells per ml < 1 million yeast cells per ml
Before Filtration < 10 million yeast cells per ml < 0.5 million yeast cells per ml
Beer clarification < 30% (vol.) < 1% (vol.)

Advantages of the SPX FLOW Seital beer separators

    • Minimal installation time. Clarifiers are mounted on pre-assembled platforms without a P2 fundamental installation and requires no concrete foundation, electrical or hydraulic installation.
    • Recirculation device reducing the turbidity of the product coming out of the clarifier.
    • Reduced noise level during operation due to  optimization of the drum aerodynamic parameters.
    • Automatic sludge discharge according to timer or turbidity measurement. With minimum product loss and maximum discharge of solids.
    • Minimum oxygen ingress not exceeding 10 ppm (parts per billion).
    • Vibration control and quick disconnect system (pneumatic or electric) for automatic operation.

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