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APV DW Series Rotary food pump

A range of 31 models of rotary vane volumetric pumps of the DW series for ultra-hygienic applications. All elements which contact with liquid are made of AISI 316L stainless steel, and the elastomers comply with FDA requirements.

Brief characteristics

  • Gearbox size: DW1 to DW7
  • Rotor type: piston and bi-lobe
  • Maximum speed: 600 to 1400 rpm
  • Maximum flow: 3 to 1016 liters per 100 rpm
  • Maximum overpressure: 7 to 30 bar

The lineup: DW1/003/7.5, DW1/004/15, DW1/007/7, DW1/007/15, DW2/006/10, DW2/007/20, DW2/013/10, DW2/013/15, DW3/014/10, DW3/017/20, DW3/030/10, DW3/030/15, DW3/050/5, DW4/033/10, DW4/0039/20, DW4/073/10, DW4/073/15, DW4/125/5, DW4/125/7, DW5/080/12.5, DW5/093/25, DW5/142/15, DW5/256/7, DW6/172/12.5, DW6/198/30, DW6/308/15, DW6/519/7, DW7/370/10, DW7/420/30, DW7/725/15, DW7/1016/7

APV DW Series Rotary food pump

Rotary piston pump structure

DW pumps are positive-displacement, low-slip, stainless steel pumps designed with larger diameter shafts for greater strength and stiffness, mounted on a heavy-duty cast iron bearing frame (stainless steel option available) with double-tapered roller bearings.

Схема роторного насоса

  1. Profiled front cover gasket
  2. Front cover
  3. Bearing, front
  4. Bearing, rear
  5. Shaft, main
  6. Shaft, auxiliary
  7. Gears
  8. Clamp ring
  9. Feet
  10. Rotor case
  11. Rotor nut
  12. Rotor

Expanding cavities are formed at the inlet drawing the liquid into the rotors. Meshing of the rotors forces the fluid out of the pumping chamber.

Applicable for food products and viscous liquids

Rotor types

There are two rotor types (piston and bi-lobe) available. The piston rotors can be easily changed to bi-lobe rotors without changing the rotor case. The porting on the pump can also be changed from horizontal to vertical (and vice versa) without any modification to the pump or use of a special gear case assembly.


Ротор с двумя лопастями

  • Low internal cavitation.
  • High operating pressure.
  • Inexpensive price.


Двулепестковый поршень

  • Ripple-free flow due to the patented design.
  • Minimal damage to the product with soft particles (e.g. vegetables).
  • The operating time of the rotor is not limited.

Available options


  • Surface treatment Ra 0.8 µ / 32 µ.
  • Single mechanical shaft seal – SiC/graphite.
  • EPDM O-rings.
  • Fittings for spline connection in sanitary design.
  • Multi-functional rotors made of 316L stainless steel.

On order

  • NGA Rotors.  Relief valve
  • Polished up to Ra 0,5 µ / 20 µ.
  • Single and double smooth mechanical seal.
  • Triple edge seal PTFE (confectionery industry).
  • Gland with seal, sealing thread with PTFE impregnation.
  • Sealing rings made of fluoride rubber (FPM) or Isolast.
  • Heat shield on the pump housing and front panel.

Advantages of the APV DW series rotary pumps

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