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APV W+ Series Centrifugal Pump

Seventeen models of premium sanitary centrifugal pumps with one-way suction. Maximum operational advantages at minimum costs during technological processes.

Standard configuration

  • Surface treatment: Ra 1.6 µm for mechanically used parts, Ra 3.2 µm for cast parts
  • Single mechanical shaft seal (graphite/SiC)
  • EPDM O-rings
  • Motor: ABB E3 (stainless steel casing)

The lineup: W+10/8, W+22/20, W+25/210, W+30/80, W+30/120, W+35/35, W+35/55, W+50/8, W+50/600, W+55/35, W+55/60, W+60/110, W+65/350, W+70/40, W+80/80, W+110/130, W+140/50 (многоэтапный)

APV W+ Series Centrifugal Pump



The series is based on a hydraulic design that ensures efficient operation with low noise and vibration.

  1. A unique spiral located in the back plate of the pump. Provides fluid transfer from inlet to outlet.
  2. Improved impeller design.
  3. The expanded outlet ensures a smooth transition to the process pipelines, while reducing turbulence and preventing product accumulation.
  4. Thick wall pump casing maintains efficiency levels even at high pressures.

Основные элементы

Схема насоса

  1. Motor case
  2. Extendable frame
  3. Clamping ring
  4. Back panel
  5. Impeller
  6. Housing
  7. Curly cap nut
  8. Shaft seal
  9. Pump shaft
  10. Shaft casing
  11. Adjustable supports
  12. Electric motor

Operating Characteristics Chart

Диаграмма характеристики

Advantages of W+ Series

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