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Seital Separation (SPX Flow Technology)

The Italian separator plant Seital is a part of the SPX FLOW companies’ group (headquartered in the USA).

The plant specializes in separation and clarification technologies based on 40 years of experience in equipment design, manufacturing and assembly.

Seital brand equipment allows you to remove suspended solids from liquids, separate liquids with different specific gravity, extract useful solids from liquid suspensions and dehydrate suspensions to increase concentration levels. Seital equipment is used for milk degreasing, cream concentration, beer and wine clarification, as well as for chemicals processing and bio-solutions (for example, solvent clarification, biomass concentration). In the production of fertilizers, industrial fluids (for example, purification of lubricants). Pharmaceutical products (for example, in the production of antibiotics).

The SEITAL plant produces key components of separators, including  drum and package of plates. Their innovative design ensures separation efficiency, quality and process safety.   The components are made of particularly durable stainless materials in accordance with international production standards, and most of the products exceed the legally established specifications requirements.

Types of equipment:

Clever Machines is the official distributor and service center of SPX FLOW Seital

About cooperation

We met the founders of Clever Machines 11 years ago. Sergey and Anatoly were just setting up their company. From the very beginning I was pleasantly surprised by their fine technical understanding of the business. We trusted them as partners, and we have never regretted it. It was a worthwhile risk – as they always stick to their words and keep their promises.

In recent years our cooperation with Clever Machines has increased significantly from a technical point of view, but what has not changed in any way — we still remain friends and keep warm relationships. We are happy for our partners in Clever Machines - now it is a strong and professional team, in each member of which you can see a kind of "traces of upbringing" of Sergey and Anatoly.

Alberto Pielli, Head of Seital Separators Sales in Europe and Africa, SPX FLOW Seital Separation Technology 

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